The Ideal Debian Server

When I first started getting interested in servers, I did a few searches and came up wuth all kinds of tutorials and installation guides, including The Perfect Server – Debian Wheezy, which set up a Debian server complete with a snazzy control panel. Of course I tried it and found it very good, specially with regard to the installation of an email server where I had tried and failed previously to set up. I ran such a server for several months but decided that, however long it took, I wanted to set up a server—how should I put it?—the Debian way. The Control Panel is all very well but it’s like an additional non-free repository, which can add all kinds of third-party stuff, completely at variance with Debian policy regarding security and stability.

Without going into the merits or demerits of using a control panel, which was the subject of a forum topic, I wished to use only DFSG software from Debian’s main repository, without installing any third-party software whether from unofficial repositories or by downloading some untested latest, upstream tarball.

How far have I got with my project? Well, quite some way: I’ve managed to set up and configure a very solid LAMP web and email server, set up according to the tutorial at for several domains.

Apart from server management interfaces like phpmyadmin and postfixadmin, which go a long way to substituting for a control panel, at the moment I have only installed the following from Debian’s main repository.:

1. WordPress
2. Roundcube
3. Squirrelmail: email for nuts, my favourite.
4. Dolibarr
5. phpbb

The first two in my list are sufficient for my present needs but no doubt I’ll add more in the future.

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